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Who is Sandy?

A little word from our founder:

My name is Sandy Farquharson and I was born in London. I started racket sports at an early age, playing tennis and squash from the time I was old enough to hit a ball. Tennis came through more predominantly and I started competing in the UK from a ripe old age of 9. Fast forward a decade and I went to the US on a tennis scholarship to play in the NCAA. This is where I discovered my love of being part of a team, playing more doubles than I ever had before. 4 years later, degree in hand, I moved back to London to study my MSc in Biomechanics of Human Performance, while qualifying as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist.

Following a couple of years playing tennis on the tour and then a few more years coaching on WTA & ATP tour, I move to Dubai to start working with a tennis academy. I accidentally stumbled upon padel when a player dropped out and they desperately needed a willing replacement (me!). After that tournament, I never looked back and started my education into padel! Every year I have gone to Spain to improve my learning of the game, spending time with Horacio Clementi, Bebe Auguste, Marcela Ferrari, Rodri Ovide, Manu Martin etc to name a few coaches at the top of the game! But I am constantly learning and will spend time with experienced padel coaches any opportunity I can to help gain more knowledge!

It’s our mission to help grow the game of padel around the world. We believe everyone should have access to practical advice that they can understand and bring into their game. Whether learning a new sport, training to compete or wanting to coach padel; we want to help you reach that next level. The aim is to bring together an active, supportive community that can help all players develop their padel.

Padel Consulting

We offer a wide range of advisory services from court construction to coach recruitment. Through our expertise and extensive padel network of relationships, we ensure our clients are equipped with the right advice and people to maximise their club’s potential.

Coach Education

Our team have deep experience in working with clubs and federations to up-skill their coaches to the highest standards in the industry. We are proud of our reputation as one of the leading padel coach education providers in the business.

Programme Support

For clubs to flourish, they need to have the right structures and programs in place. From open days to structuring club programs, we help clubs implement their programs to maximise participation and revenue generation.

Online Training Platform

We don’t think learning should be something that just happens on the padel court. Our online platform enables coaches and players to access the highest quality of padel advice whenever and wherever they want.

A selection of our team...

Our team brings a wide range of expertise and experience across padel coaching, coach education and club development.

Sandy Farquharson


Sandy is the Founder of The Padel School and has over a decade of professional padel coaching experience. He is currently one of the LTA’s lead coach educators, and is responsible for both designing and delivering the LTA’s padel coach education program – to date, he has trained 100+ padel coaches across the world. Alongside his coaching experience and expertise, he plays on the GB national men’s team where he is also the team coach.

An entrepreneur at heart, Sandy is driven by his desire to grow the game of padel across the globe and to provide everyone with access to high-quality padel training advice. 

Toby Bawden

Lead Coach

Toby is the lead coach at the Padel School with over 15 years of coaching experience across tennis and padel. He is an LTA Level 4 coach and has experience delivering coach education and managing club programs. Over the past several years, his focus has been solely on padel where he built his own padel club (RT Padel) and was Head Coach at Will To Win padel club. Since joining The Padel School, he leads our coach and player training, and currently runs Drop Shot and Padel Corner e-shops.

Toby’s passion for padel, extensive coaching experience and knowledge of the padel retail space, gives him a truly unique understanding of how to develop and grow padel club programs.

Nick Williams

Head of Coach Education

Nick is head of coach education at The Padel School and has around 30 years of coaching experience. He is an LTA Level 5 tennis coach and has vast experience in both coach education and coach assessment. He has been responsible for developing L1, L2 and L6 LTA tennis qualifications and is also a qualified CAVA assessor. Since 2001, he has taken up the role of an LTA Master Tutor, where he is responsible for delivering a wide range of coach education qualifications for tennis and padel.

Nick has a continual drive to excel in everything he does, and has a constant and never-ending approach to learning. He is a thinker, a planner and prides himself on helping clients achieve their goals.

Tom Farquharson

Head of Business Development

Tom is a former professional tennis player – achieving a men’s singles ranking of top 400 – and is an LTA Level 3 tennis and padel coach, with around 10 years of coaching experience. Since retiring from professional tennis, he has worked in business development roles at multinational firms such as Adidas and Philips. Over the past two years he has worked in strategy consulting, delivering on projects across strategy, business transformation and M&A for multiple FTSE 100 firms.

Tom brings a wealth of professional sport and business experience to the table, and is responsible for helping The Padel School achieve its long-term vision and establish strategic partnerships.

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