It’s our mission to help grow the game of padel around the world. We believe everyone should have access to practical advice that they can understand and bring into their game. Whether learning a new sport, training to compete or wanting to coach padel; we want to help you reach that next level. The aim is to bring together an active, supportive community that can help all players develop their padel.


About The Padel School

Hi, my name is Sandy Farquharson and I was born in London. I started racket sports at an early age, playing tennis and squash from the time I was old enough to hit a ball. Tennis came through more predominantly and I started competing in the UK from a ripe old age of 9. Fast forward a decade and I went to the US on a tennis scholarship to play in the NCAA. This is where I discovered my love of being part of a team, playing more doubles than I ever had before. 4 years later, degree in hand, I moved back to London to study my MSc in Biomechanics of Human Performance –something that always interested me. I studied this part time (with a Sports Therapy Diploma and the NSCA Strength & Conditioning Certification), while playing on the ATP Tour…those were a busy few years.
During those years, I decided the life of a tennis player travelling the circuit, going from hotel to courts to airports, on my own was not really a passion. I played for a good team in the high-level French League system, so chose to move to Provence and work with a player starting out on the WTA circuit. After almost 3 years later, having spent the majority of that travelling on the WTA and then the ATP Tour with players, I decided to look for a role with less travelling. A budding tennis academy looking for an educated, performance orientated coach was my plan. I found the “tennis academy” part in Dubai and thought while I’m young and flexible I would give it a try. In Dubai, I very fortunately discovered padel. I was also fortunate to find an employer that was willing to allow me to train as a padel coach so I could take on the role of managing the Racket Sports. My training involved a week’s coach education course with the hugely experienced Horacio Clementi & Hernan Auguste, which gave me a very thorough approach to teaching the game. Every year since then I have travelled to Spain and spent time with some excellent coaches, (including Marcela Ferrari, Rodrigo Ovide, Manu Martin) as well as trained with some of the best WPT players. During the last 6 years, I have competed for Great Britain in 2 World Championships, won the British Open 2019, played several WPT tournaments and competitions throughout Europe & Middle East. From a coach/management perspective, I am the Head Coach for the UAE Padel Team, Technical Advisor to the UAE Padel Association and was tournament organizer for the WPT Masters in Dubai 2015, plus the UAE Padel Tour consisting of 5 International FIP Events in 2019. I manage the GB Junior Padel Team and the Padel Coach Education pathway. My passion is to travel to countries that are developing their padel, run clinics and meet the new personalities that are getting involved in the game. My guarantee, to anyone who I am fortunate enough to influence, is that I’m committed to bringing you the best padel instruction possible. I look forward to being a part of your padel journey!