Learn The Basics

Get the basics right - most important! People tend to forget to build a solid base which is one of the most important things in padel. If the foundation is good, learning the rest will become a lot easier. Start here.

Learn padel the right way from the start

Get guided through the beautiful sport of padel and establish a stable base.

Avoid bad habits at the start

Because starting with padel can feel pretty easy, people do not consider to take any classes when starting with the game. We often see that starting without lessons usually results in a lot of bad padel habits.

We highly recommend to take classes at the beginning of your padel career to make sure you’ll understand the basic techniques and concepts to give yourself a stable base to work from. It’s crucial to understand the basic positioning to make sure you stay ahead of your opponents.

This course sets you on the right path to learn the game!

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Course Includes

  • 14 Lessons