Overheads Course

Improve all your smashes. Here you can learn everything about all overhead techniques. Make sure to watch a video and practice it on court a lot!

Smash like the professionals with this course – Everything you need to know to improve your bandeja, vibora and more

When I started playing padel, I wasn’t aware of the importance of the different overhead techniques in padel. I knew how to smash well in tennis and thought it would be the same in padel…could not be more wrong!

I’ve spent a lot of time on the court practising and training others how to hit these smashes. The bandeja, vibora, power smash and other techniques are crucial in order to progress within your padel game.

We’ve developed a course dedicated to all the different overhead techniques in the game. With this course you’ll be able to play defensive smashes, aggressive ones, hit more winners and win more matches!

Want to win more points at net?

Players do not suddenly have amazing smashes – it takes practice…and knowing what to do (that’s where we come in)!

We understand that the techniques for this shot are complicated and not something that players can learn immediately. This course is designed to break the shot down in an easy to learn way, so that players have specific areas of the technique to focus on when they step onto court. The Padel School course breaks down the overheads to explain the steps for the movements, as well as the speed and direction to hit the ball. Here players will learn:

  • Every overhead that players can use in a match (including bandeja, vibora, topspin, flat smash, fake smash, gancho etc.)
  • The steps to learn each technique and demonstrations of the shot
  • The tactical situations to use each smash based on the point
  • The different speed and direction to hit the shots
  • How to disguise specific smashes and trick your opponents
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Course Includes

  • 10 Lessons