padel online


Are you wanting help with your padel? Are there some shots that are holding your game back?

There are only 5 spaces for the online coaching at the moment, due to the time commitment with each player. This type of coaching is not for every player, you need to be self-motivated, happy to record and discuss your trainings and matches, willing to work on new techniques designed to improve your game.

This is not a quick fix, here we work with the students to develop their game and that might mean correcting some bad habits!

Once you have signed up, the next steps would be:
– To record all of your shots (camera location will be suggested).
– Send them to The Padel School to develop the training framework.
– Arrange an introductory call to discuss the plan and answer any questions.
– Then we get to work! Making drills designed to improve the weaker areas.
– Regular training feedback – through whatsapp/social media.
– Goal setting so we always know what to aim for!

Here are what some of the past/current students say about the online coaching:

There are limited spaces and before accepting the online coaching we need to check the system will work in your current padel environment. So if you are interested, please email: