The NEW padel partners in 2021 WPT


The new WPT pairs for 2021

As the 2020 padel year draws to a close, we are looking forward to 2021 and it seems there will be a few changes when it comes to the pairings. These all have the potential chance to change between now and the start of the season, but here is what we know:

Mens Padel Players

The main changes will be the match up of these players:

  • Bela & Sanyo
  • Lima & Tapia
  • Navarro & Di Nenno
  • Sanchez & Allemandi
  • Stupaczuk & Ruiz
  • Coello & Lamperti
  • Juan Martin Diaz & Coki Nieto

As of now, the long term pair of Chingotto & Tello, as well as the in form pair of Galan & Lebron are staying together for the coming season. With these changes, we are particularly excited to see the pair of Bela/Sanyo – a match up that we have often wondered at the level they would be able to produce! It will also be great to see Tapia play back on the left side and match with Lima. Tapia was already so dangerous from the right side! The pair of Paquito and Martin Di Nenno could also have the potential of challenging the top pairs, both are masterful tacticians and will no doubt play to an extremely high level!

Womens Padel Players

At the moment the information is fairly limited for the changes to the ladies pairs. We know about the following matchups:

  • Triay & Salazar
  • Sanchez & Josemaria
  • Gonzalez & Sainz
  • Llaguno & Riera
  • Araujo & Amatriain

It was surprising to hear these changes after the previous couple of seasons. The pair of Sanchez and Salazar (played the last 2 years together) didn’t have as successful a year as the previous, but still challenged for the title many times. And the pair of Triay & Sainz had their best year, but have decided on the change. Despite being surprised by the changes, it is always exciting to see how these players will adapt and compete together.

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