Smash like the professionals with this course

Everything you need to know to improve your bandeja, vibora and more

When I started playing padel, I wasn't aware of the importance of the different overhead techniques in padel. I knew how to smash well in tennis and thought it would be the same in padel...could not be more wrong!

I've spent a lot of time on the court practicing and training others how to hit these smashes. The bandeja, vibora, power smash and other techniques are crucial in order to progress within your padel game. 

We've developed a course dedicated to all the different overheads techniques in the game. With this course you'll be able to play defensive smashes, aggressive ones, hit more winners and win more matches!

I started playing padel about two years ago, at the age of 67, and found your site. It has been most valuable, first in teaching clearly the "vocabulary" of padel, second in teaching the basic technique, and third teaching how to play the game. Now I enjoy watching  wholeheartedly WPT-matches, too. And after this COVID, Im going to play as good as I can.

Thank you for your hard work.

Heikki Honkakoski The padel school 2
Heikki Honkakoski

The Padel School is my go to online learning.

I have watched all of Sandy's videos several times and his 'Moving as a pair' video is essential learning for anyone wanting to develop as a Padel player. I have also completed the overheads course which I found excellent - keep up the great work and make more magic!

Wayne Jones The Padel School 2
Wayne Jones

Want to win more points at net?

Players do not suddenly have amazing smashes - it takes practice...and knowing what to do (that's where we come in)!

We understand that the techniques for this shot are complicated and not something that players can learn immediately. This course is designed to break the shot down in an easy to learn way, so that players have specific areas of the technique to focus on when they step onto court. The Padel School course breaks down the overheads to explain the steps for the movements, as well as the speed and direction to hit the ball. Here players will learn:

  • Every overhead that players can use in a match (including bandeja, vibora, topspin, flat smash, fake smash, gancho etc.)
  • The steps to learn each technique and demonstrations of the shot
  • The tactical situations to use each smash based on the point
  • The different speed and direction to hit the shots
  • How to disguise specific smashes and trick your opponents

You want to know how to get better?

All techniques

Which overhead do you hit and when? Want to know the right speed and direction to hit the smash?We're going to teach you all of this in the course.

Fully English 

No need for you to learn Spanish in order to get better at padel. Learn how to play padel online and in English. What more could you ask for?

Low price

If you have to make a decision between one hour of in-person training or a regularly updated course for a lower price, which one would you choose? 

Full access

Watch the course as many times as you want! This is not like a physical lesson where you have the coach for an hour. Take your time and enjoy the learning.


The course gives opportunities to analyze your own abilities on the court. If you want to get better, it's important to be be objective with yourself.

No hurry

You can watch the course in your own time. You want to watch the course in a week? Sure! You want to take your time and watch the course in a month, it's all fine.

Easy breakdown

Some techniques can be complex. Our breakdown to explain a technique is based on scientific research on how human bodies learn the best.


When you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us at any moment. We're always open and happy to help our customers if they need us.
Juan Lopez The padel school 2

The Padel School is an excellent source of valuable information. I have improved my game thanks to Sandy's tips, both at the technical and tactical level.

Juan Lopez

Overheads Course

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Overheads padel course The Padel School
  • 11 lessons worth of €330
  • Learn all the different overhead techniques 
  • Get to know how to win more points
  • Eleven videos full of tips & tricks to get better

The Padel School+

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The Padel School+ membership
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Overheads Course

Will I be able to hit a bandeja after this course?

Here we give you the technical steps to hit your bandeja from scratch. We explain where and the speed to hit it, as well as show how to practice it. This shot will not be learned overnight and will require practice - but if you follow these steps, it will almost certainly get you on the way to a good bandeja!

I have only just started playing padel, is this course for me?

The overheads are such an important part of the game that players should really start learning them from the beginning. We actually think this is one of the most important courses for you if you are just starting. You might not be able to perfect the technique immediately, but it is worth starting to practice them!

The overheads look difficult, will you explain when to use each one?

Not only do we explain in each video when to use the different overheads, but we also have a video dedicated to making the right choice when it comes to the type of smash to hit!

How long will I have access to the course?

You will be able to access the course for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Can I buy individual videos?

Unfortunately not, we believe it is important to have the instruction in context so we want to provide the entire course so you have the full picture!

Will the course cover the mistakes that I am making?

We have designed these courses from hundreds of questions from players, so that we cover all of the most common mistakes. Even if you feel that your error is slightly different, almost certainly the ‘root’ of the problem will be covered in the content.

How often can I watch the videos?

This is one of the best things about online learning - you can watch them as often as you like!!

Do you do online coaching?

Yes, we have a 12 week in depth training program for players that want to transform their padel. There is a course curriculum, personalised video content, homework, 1-1 calls and much more...but be prepared, it is a lot of work - that’s why we call it The Padel College!!

Do you do in-person lessons?

The majority of our in-person lessons are clinics organised with clubs. If this is something you think your club might be interested in, please feel free to put us in touch with the club.

I am a beginner, is this course for me?

The idea of all the courses is to breakdown more complex techniques to make it easier for players to learn. Some of the courses talk about advanced shots, but we will always start from the beginning to help new players to learn them!

Can I pay with credit card/Paypal?

Yes, you can pay with whichever method you prefer, both are setup.

What benefits do I receive as a member?

Great question - as a member of the site you have FULL ACCESS to all the courses (which is already a lot of videos)! You also will be able to access our private community - here we share any information on upcoming workshops, early access to content and advice to any questions you might have! Plus you will get a reduced price if you want to get any further coaching or products! Oh and we will also throw in some live padel webinars only for members!

Will The Padel School make me a better player?

That is genuinely our mission! It is the reason we posted our first video many years ago and it is the reason we continue to produce so much content now! 90% of the content and videos we make now is in response to a question or problem a member/viewer is having in their padel game!

Why should I listen to The Padel School?

Essentially it is your choice whether to listen or not, but we can tell you why we feel the information we provide is valuable. Sandy’s education in Sports Biomechanics (BSc & MSc) focused on human movement patterns, combined with years of coaching tennis at the elite level gave him a base to learn this new sport from scratch...and that is what he did! 10 years ago Sandy did his first padel coaching qualification and every year since has spent time in Spain with the best coaches in the sport. As much time as Sandy spends with his students he tries to spend working with other coaches, learning their different styles and training methods. He truly believes this knowledge is for sharing!

Why is it so important for you that players improve their padel?

For us, padel is one of the easiest racket sports to start playing. Yes, the game gets more complex and physical the higher your level, but to start it is accessible to almost everyone! If we can help players improve their padel, they usually enjoy the sport and want to play more - this leads to a healthier and more active lifestyle. We are certain that padel can transform lives, of those that might not otherwise participate in sport, for the better!

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