Padel tactics are more important than you think

We teach you all the tactics for you to beat your friends

Padel is a very tactical sport. It's not all about power and the best technique. Players can beat technically better opponents by having a better understanding of the strategies!

You don't have to be the world's best player to improve your tactical game. When learning the tactical aspect of the game, it's important to learn by doing. And that's exactly what we are going to teach you.

It's difficult to understand which tactics are the most important when playing padel. That's why we developed a step-by-step course to guide you through the best tactics of the game. You can improve your tactical game without learning through "trial and error" in hundreds of matches!!

Padel tactics course

Be smarter than your opponent with the most effective tactics

best Padel tactics

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Tactics padel course

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I have always struggled knowing how to win points, making stupid mistakes from good positions. This course really opened my eyes and gave me clear objectives to follow - it has made a huge difference! Thank you Sandy! 

Padel tactics
Michel Mantila 

Amazing course! I literally learned how to beat my friends who have been winning against me since we started...hope they don't find these lessons! :)

Padel Course tactics
Stijn Mennink 

The way Sandy describes these complicated tactics and strategies makes it so easy to understand. This course is even better than the YouTube channel - and that is not an easy thing to do!!!

Padel Tactics English course
Joe Coba

Tactics, Tactics, Tactics...

Learning the tactical aspect of the game can be very difficult and time consuming. Hours and hours of practice on the court in order to get the tactics into your mind and actually remember them during your matches. Because of this, many people only focus on the technical aspect of padel (improving the bandeja, the vibora and other techniques). The tactical aspect is just as important as the technical aspect of the game, but don't worry; we've got you covered 😉. 

This course will give you:

  • Easy to understand videos to improve your tactics
  • How to use the speed of the ball to your advantage
  • The most effective ways to cover court positions
  • Insights on how to analyse opponents'  performance
  • The knowledge of the right times to attack vs defend
  • And more... 

Become a master tactician through this 16 video course

1. Take the net position

These first 2 lessons focus on how we get to the most advantageous position on the court and we discuss the best ways to take the net.

2. Finishing

Finishing is an important part of the game. The more you are able to finish, to more points you'll win. What are the best tactics to finish more points? We have lessons dedicated to this!

3. Defending

Attacking and defending are two completely different things in padel. Defending involves the combination of player movement and shot placement - we discuss when and how to defend here.

4. Turn defence into attack

One of the unique things about padel is how the point changes from defending to attacking in an instant. So these are really important concepts to understand if you want to win more points.

5. Analyse opponents

When you're able to analyse your opponents in such a way that you can benefit from their position/ energy/ shots during the game. One of the most important tactics of the game is to understand your opponents. 

6. Play as a pair

When you're able to analyse your opponents, it's very important to play together with your partner and make sure to get your opponents on their weak spots. These kind of tactics are slightly more advanced but by the time you get to this stage you'll be a tactical padel master anyway! 

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Tactics Course

Will this help me form my own strategy?

This course not only gives you an overview on all the different strategies players use in matches, but it helps you identify which would work well for your game and in specific situations.

Do I learn how to analyse my opponents?

Yes, there is a week devoted to understanding your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, then how to use that knowledge in a game.

Should I have different strategies with different partners?

Each partnership is a little different, considering the different styles of play but also the psychological chemistry of the two players. The final week in the course discusses how you can work with your partner to play your best padel.

Will you help me beat my friends?

This course is designed to give you the strategies you need to win those matches! Also, how to counteract tactics your opponents might use on you! You will definitely be taught the tactics of how to win, but whether you will use it on your friends is down to you ;)

How long will I have access to the course?

You will be able to access the course for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Can I buy individual videos?

Unfortunately not, we believe it is important to have the instruction in context so we want to provide the entire course so you have the full picture!

Will the course cover the mistakes that I am making?

We have designed these courses from hundreds of questions from players, so that we cover all of the most common mistakes. Even if you feel that your error is slightly different, almost certainly the ‘root’ of the problem will be covered in the content.

How often can I watch the videos?

This is one of the best things about online learning - you can watch them as often as you like!!

Do you do online coaching?

es, we have a 12 week in depth training program for players that want to transform their padel. There is a course curriculum, personalised video content, homework, 1-1 calls and much more...but be prepared, it is a lot of work - that’s why we call it The Padel College!!

Do you do in-person lessons?

The majority of our in-person lessons are clinics organised with clubs. If this is something you think your club might be interested in, please feel free to put us in touch with the club.

I am a beginner, is this course for me?

The idea of all the courses is to break down more complex techniques to make it easier for players to learn. Some of the courses talk about advanced shots, but we will always start from the beginning to help new players to learn them!

Can I pay with credit card/Paypal?

Yes, you can pay with whichever method you prefer, both are setup.

What benefits do I receive as a member?

Great question - as a member of the site you have FULL ACCESS to all the courses (which is already a lot of videos)! You also will be able to access our private community - here we share any information on upcoming workshops, early access to content and advice to any questions you might have! Plus you will get a reduced price if you want to get any further coaching or products! Oh and we will also throw in some live padel webinars only for members!

Will The Padel School make me a better player?

That is genuinely our mission! It is the reason we posted our first video many years ago and it is the reason we continue to produce so much content now! 90% of the content and videos we make now is in response to a question or problem a member/viewer is having in their padel game!

Why should I listen to The Padel School?

Essentially it is your choice whether to listen or not, but we can tell you why we feel the information we provide is valuable. Sandy’s education in Sports Biomechanics (BSc & MSc) focused on human movement patterns, combined with years of coaching tennis at the elite level gave him a base to learn this new sport from scratch...and that is what he did! 10 years ago Sandy did his first padel coaching qualification and every year since has spent time in Spain with the best coaches in the sport. As much time as Sandy spends with his students he tries to spend working with other coaches, learning their different styles and training methods. He truly believes this knowledge is for sharing!

Why is it so important for you that players improve their padel?

For us, padel is one of the easiest racket sports to start playing. Yes, the game gets more complex and physical the higher your level, but to start it is accessible to almost everyone! If we can help players improve their padel, they usually enjoy the sport and want to play more - this leads to a healthier and more active lifestyle. We are certain that padel can transform lives, of those that might not otherwise participate in sport, for the better!

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