Become a wall-master in a week

Are you frustrated with those confusing rebounds?

Defending with walls
Attacking with walls

Choosing which to use

Do you struggle with the walls in padel?

Research shows that at this point in time only 10% of all the padel players are confident playing with the walls. In most cases players do anything they can to avoid playing after the rebound.

This is the one area that you have to be 'comfortable with being uncomfortable' when learning. Much of it is practice, but it is crucial you know the fundamentals of the shots. 

Minor differences between the angles and direction of the shot can make a big difference to which shot you choose to hit.

In this course we give all the steps to hitting with each glass and how to choose which of these shots to hit.

Cheaper than physical training

Don't spend a fortune on lessons with a coach you can access 1 hour per week/month.

In-depth information about padel

To get all the possible information there is to know about the game and access when you want to!

Masters in biomechanics of the human  movement

The teachings are organized with movement patterns considered to speed up your learning.

The ultimate guide to the walls?

We've all struggled with the walls in the beginning of our padel careers. It's the things that's the most different compared to other sports that most people know. Therefore we've made a course to learn all the different aspects of the padel walls. 

Knowing how to play with the walls during a padel match is crucial. The game is so dynamic, the ball can come from so many directions. Therefore it's important to understand what the best way is to prepare yourself. 

Because Sandy has completed a studies of biomechanics of the human body, the course is built up in such a way that it's very easy for everybody to understand. We're teaching in a way that human bodies are learning faster and becoming better in a second.

Great videos, very comprehensive and easy to understand. They have helped me to improve my game in many different areas. Really appreciate it!

The Padel School George 2
George Theofilopoulos

Since I started, I have gained a much better understanding of the game and matured whilst always enjoying each minute on the courts. Yours is a great mission!

The Padel School Rui Wong 2
Rui Wong

I found The Padel School to be very helpful (in fact that’s where I learned most things when I started to play). Sandy himself is very approachable and helpful. Highly recommended! 

The padel school haider khan 2
Haider Khan

The padel wall formula

Back glass

Learn to make the back glass your friend! Find out what kind of shots are easiest to play and when to use them!

Side glass

What is the big decision you need to make when the ball hits the side glass? What kind of techniques and tactics are best to use with this glass?

Double glass

When a ball bounces on two glass before you hit it, what are the best solutions to get yourself out of this tricky position? When can it be better to use the double glass?

Learn in your own time

When accessing this course you'll get access to all the videos which you can watch whenever you want and on your own time!

Fully English

Don't worry! All courses are in English. You don't have to speak Spanish in order to get better at padel. From now on you can improve your game in English. 

Win more games

When getting to understand the movements of the ball and the influence of the glass, you'll start to win more games. Impress your friends ;). 

The videos you produce are brilliant. Very easy to pick up tips from them as videos and explanations are always clear and concise.

Keep up the good work

The padel school John Stephens 2
John Stephens

I found your Youtube channel one of the most helpful ones. Here in Moscow we have only a few offline coaches so your lessons for me are very important.

The padel school Alexander popov 2
Alexander Popov

I really like your explanations on everything from padel. From how to make a specific shot to where to aim and why. Also the walls course is one of the best things happened to me!

Bernice padel photo
Ellen Larsson

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  • What are the best practices when the ball is hitting two 

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Walls Course

Do I need to know how to use the walls before starting this course?

Absolutely not, the idea of the course is that it takes you from the very beginning, even introducing the walls, right the way to playing the double glass with a turn.

Do you explain when and which way I should turn to hit the double glass shots?

Yes, we have a whole video explaining how to choose the right option and then each technical video also explains the type of ball to hit it on. Importantly we also discuss whether you NEED to turn for the double glass or not!

Is it only defending on the glass or you also explain attacking?

We explain both - first we begin with the techniques, then discuss the shot intention and uses for each - and it is here we cover both attacking and defensive shots with the glass.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will be able to access the course for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Can I buy individual videos?

Unfortunately not, we believe it is important to have the instruction in context so we want to provide the entire course so you have the full picture!

Will the course cover the mistakes that I am making?

We have designed these courses from hundreds of questions from players, so that we cover all of the most common mistakes. Even if you feel that your error is slightly different, almost certainly the ‘root’ of the problem will be covered in the content.

How often can I watch the videos?

This is one of the best things about online learning - you can watch them as often as you like!!

Do you do online coaching?

Yes, we have a 12 week in depth training program for players that want to transform their padel. There is a course curriculum, personalised video content, homework, 1-1 calls and much more...but be prepared, it is a lot of work - that’s why we call it The Padel College!!

Do you do in-person lessons?

The majority of our in-person lessons are clinics organised with clubs. If this is something you think your club might be interested in, please feel free to put us in touch with the club.

I am a beginner, is this course for me?

The idea of all the courses is to breakdown more complex techniques to make it easier for players to learn. Some of the courses talk about advanced shots, but we will always start from the beginning to help new players to learn them!

Can I pay with credit card/Paypal?

Yes, you can pay with whichever method you prefer, both are setup.

What benefits do I receive as a member?

Great question - as a member of the site you have FULL ACCESS to all the courses (which is already a lot of videos)! You also will be able to access our private community - here we share any information on upcoming workshops, early access to content and advice to any questions you might have! Plus you will get a reduced price if you want to get any further coaching or products! Oh and we will also throw in some live padel webinars only for members!

Will The Padel School make me a better player?

That is genuinely our mission! It is the reason we posted our first video many years ago and it is the reason we continue to produce so much content now! 90% of the content and videos we make now is in response to a question or problem a member/viewer is having in their padel game!

Why should I listen to The Padel School?

Essentially it is your choice whether to listen or not, but we can tell you why we feel the information we provide is valuable. Sandy’s education in Sports Biomechanics (BSc & MSc) focused on human movement patterns, combined with years of coaching tennis at the elite level gave him a base to learn this new sport from scratch...and that is what he did! 10 years ago Sandy did his first padel coaching qualification and every year since has spent time in Spain with the best coaches in the sport. As much time as Sandy spends with his students he tries to spend working with other coaches, learning their different styles and training methods. He truly believes this knowledge is for sharing!

Why is it so important for you that players improve their padel?

For us, padel is one of the easiest racket sports to start playing. Yes, the game gets more complex and physical the higher your level, but to start it is accessible to almost everyone! If we can help players improve their padel, they usually enjoy the sport and want to play more - this leads to a healthier and more active lifestyle. We are certain that padel can transform lives, of those that might not otherwise participate in sport, for the better!

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