Patience is Key: How to Improve Your Padel Game Instantly
30 januari 2022 
4 min. read

Patience is Key: How to Improve Your Padel Game Instantly

If you’ve played one game or a hundred games of padel, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that padel is easy to play and tough to master. 

As a beginner, it may be frustrating trying to become successful at the sport, but those who have gotten out of the beginner slump have realised the best strategies for initial success. 

“Be patient,” said an overwhelming majority of The Padel School followers. Slowing down mentally and physically is a crucial part of improving your game. 

Padel players, especially those new to the game, tend to overpower their opponents and make frantic mistakes. A lot of padel players come from other fast paced racket sports like tennis or squash, but padel uses a different strategy. 

Thinking through shots and being intentional with how you play the ball is a skill a lot of padel players don’t implement right away, but instantly improves your game. 

“Learn you have more time than you think,” said one of The Padel School YouTube subscribers. 

It could be argued that padel is more of a mental game than physical, so think through every aspect of your play from volley’s to off the glass balls. 

One of the unique parts of padel is the ability to play off the back glass of the court and many of The Padel School followers said learning how to properly use the glass was one of their keys to success. 

This skill is often difficult for beginners, but learning how to judge the rebound by getting yourself the correct distance from the ball is the solution. 

A big step to understanding this is allowing the ball to hit the glass in the first place. 

“It is better to get comfortable being uncomfortable around the glass to learn this skill,” said The Padel School’s Sandy Farquharson. 

If you’re not seeing the progress you want after playing padel for a while or you want to impress your group of padel friends with new skills, another tip The Padel School followers suggest is taking lessons. 

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