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Introducing the FIP Rise London Padel Open 2022: The UK’s First Professional Padel Tournament

A telltale sign padel is growing throughout the UK The FIP Rise London Padel Open 2022 was a Professional Padel Tournament sanctioned by the International …

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How to Master the Mental Side of Competitive Padel [Preparation Secrets]

How to Master the Mental Side of Competitive Padel [Preparation Secrets]   Develop Your Perfect Pre-Game Routine with These Five Tips   Whether you’re a …

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Back to Dubai: Seeing Explosive Growth in Padel in the Last 10 Years

The energy for padel is electric with emerging coaches and exciting players I recently returned from my trip to Dubai and the amount of growth …

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5 Reasons to Consider Adding Padel Tennis to Your Racket Club

This is How This Exciting Sport Will Boost Your Business and Upgrade Your Community Tennis and squash are incredible sports that continue to draw attention and interest from many people around the world. Padel is the..

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Improve Your Padel Level Every Day With or Without a Padel Coach

How to Blend In-Person lessons With Online Resources for Rapid Growth It's difficult to find a good padel coach. It takes time and energy to find the right person you immediately connect with who understands your..

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Don’t Think You Need Padel Lessons? This is Why You’re Wrong…

Even the Best Players in the World Need Unique and Focused Coaching When it comes to getting lessons for padel, the longer you wait, the worse it’s going be. It’s better if you rip off the plaster off..

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