Padel Start in Egypt

When did padel (or padel tennis) first start in Egypt? What was the first club like?

Padel started in Egypt in 2014 in an elite private club house. It started with 2 courts, besides the Tennis courts where everyone was wondering what is this structure that no one has seen before!

How did the local population find padel at the start? How much has the sport grown in the last couple of years?

Padel still at this moment is serving Class A people in Egypt. People find it really fun and easy to play and that’s why it is attracting so many people and is growing rapidly. At the beginning when Padel was introduced, not a lot of marketing and efforts were done to spread the game, but 2017, this is where it all began to expand rapidly and went from being only in 2 clubs to about 10 clubs in just 2 years!

Where are you now? Roughly how many courts in the country and how many players?

We are now in the stage where Padel is played on a more friendly-basis but is continuing to grow. It is becoming a trendy sport and the momentum for the game is increasing. Approximately, we have 24 courts and 1500+ players who play Padel.

What is your focus for the next year? What do you think will be the future of padel in Egypt?

Our main focus for next year is to establish the Egyptian Padel Federation. We are now in the process of being affiliated by the FIP. Establishing the federation in Egypt will move the sport to the next phase where we believe we will soon see Egyptians competing in the professional padel circuit. The future for Padel in Egypt is limitless, I mean Egypt has always raised champions in racket sports (Squash), and we believe in the upcoming 10 years, we can see future Padel champions as well!

About the Author:

I’m Khaled Nagy, 30 years old, and I come from a tennis background. I started playing Padel in 2015; my passion for the game kept growing until I turned it into a career in December 2017.

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Khaled Nagy , Co-Founder and CEO of PadelPod Egypt.


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