Padel match analysis

Padel match analysis – High beginner / low intermediate level

Tips for analyse your padel match on a high beginner or low intermediate level:

The serve: you want to make the serve as simple as possible, but with the right direction (for example around the side glass)
The back glass: if the ball is going against the back glass, run to the side of it so you have enough space to swing. When you do not run to the side, you will swing near your own body and you will lose your balance.

The bajada: this is the attacking ball after hitting the back glass. For example, you have got lobbed, you move back and play an attacking ball after. If you have enough time, get behind the ball and then you can be a little bit more aggressive with your bajada. Try as much as you can to get contact with the ball in front of your body.

The bandeja: the idea of the bandeja is to keep your position at the net. It is just a simple shot down the middle and the second bounce is on the back glass. Most of the bandejas will go cross-court. If you do not recover your bandeja, the opponents will get time to go attacking at the net. You always want to recover after you hit a bandeja. Maintaining the net position is one of the most important things in paddle. So the bandeja is only successful if you get back at the net.

Court positions: when you are on service, you have to go to the net. As the opponent you always want to get at the net to attack. So basically there are two rules: One, if you have to serve, you need to go to the net. Rule number two, when you are at the back, you try to find a moment to go to attack at the net. Remember that you will never be in no man’s land, like between the back of the field and the net (kind of in the middle). Also try to both get the positions. So if your teammate is at the back, you also go to the back and vice versa. Sometimes if you can analyze the opponent’s ball, you can go back to recover your teammate.


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