Anticipate Every Shot From Your Opponent

How to anticipate every shot?

By far one of the most important aspects of padel is anticipating the shots from your opponent. Understanding how to anticipate your opponent’s next shot gives you the much needed time to get there and be able to hit a better shot! There are 3 main areas to focus on when reading your opponents movements and we discuss them in this video!

Step 1

The first step is as soon as you think about your shot you will be able to narrow down your opponents choices. For example, when you play a good bandeja, you will reduce the choices of shots from your opponent. They can not play a smash or flat volley if your bandeja is well played. What also helps is to analyze others. What would I do from my opponent’s position?

Step 2

The second step is to analyze the movement of your opponent. You need to watch where they are going to move after they hit a shot. It reduces options for you to choose the right shot and play it right. For example, when your opponent hits a lob and they come aggressive forward, but you have the time for a good smash, you can play it almost in every angle behind them. The movement of your opponent will reduce your option for shots.

Step 3

The third area to watch is your opponent’s arm and racket. It is a good prediction for which kind of shot they are going to play. Just keep the following in mind:

  • Is the opponent’s racket face open and beneath the ball? They are going to play a defensive ball or lob.
  • Is the opponent’s rack fully back above ball height? They are going to play an attacking shot.


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