Change The Speed

What is the effect of changing your speed?

Players want to be more effective with their shots to put more pressure on their opponents. One of the ways to put your opponents under pressure is to change your speed. In this video Sandy will discuss the effectiveness of changing your speed.


From the back of the court

Common issue at padel is that players hit every shot with the same speed. For example their lobs and bandeja are played with the same speed. Another issue is that players try to hit the ball too hard and ‘past’ the opponent. The walls make those balls less effective, because they can bounce back into the court and the rally goes on.

What you need to do at the back of the court is hit every ball with a different speed. Why? So you are unpredictable to your opponents. Get into the net with a risk free tactic. You want your opponents to play the difficult balls. In order to be successful with one shot, you need to learn and use them all. When you only play one shot every rally, your opponents take their time and attack when they find a good moment. Always experiment this during your matches. Trying and also failing is the key to learning and getting better.

From net position

You need to mix between hard, direct volleys and softer, more controlled volleys. Use different angles with your volleys. Again, try to be unpredictable, but do not take too many risks. You do not want to make more mistakes by mixing too many or playing more balls you are not comfortable with.


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