Disguise Your Fake Smash

How can I disguise my fake smash?

Players often ask how they can disguise one of their shots. It does not get more disguised than the fake smash. It is a really effective shot that is used at the higher levels, but also can be used at all levels. Sandy will teach you how to disguise your fake smash.

When to use it

You can use the fake smash at any level where players are able to smash hard. At the very beginners level, you see people who want to smash really hard, but they can not do it well. Every smash goes out or on the net. From players who are able to smash hard till the World Padel Tour you can use the fake smash.

You can use the fake smash on attacking smashes that are flat or topspin. In both of those positions you get into a nice trophy position where you are going to switch to the fake smash at the last minute.


If you want to hit a good fake smash, keep the following points in minds:

  • High lob, on which you can attack
  • Trophy position
  • Instead of dropping, bring racket straight up
  • Brush over the ball
  • Hit it soft down the middle


In order for the fake smash to be effective, you need to have already hit a couple of aggressive smashes. If you want to hit a good fake smash, you have to practice the speed of the shot in order to not overhit and therefore letting your opponents recover.


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