How to play close to the glass?

How do I need to play the balls that comes close to the glass?

There are two occasions when the ball comes close to the glass. First of all, when the ball comes close to the side glass and you try to play closer to the side class. The second occasion is when you have been lobbed and ended up being close to the back glass.

The side glass

You have two options when the ball comes close to the side glass:

  • ‘Swot a fly’: play the ball as close to the glass as possible
  • Allow the ball away from the glass: hit the ball into the glass

The back glass

There are usually two kind of main options that cause problems near the back glass:

  • A direct lob: the ball is bouncing past the service line and ‘sticks’ to the back glass
  • Opponents use their own back glass: the ball bounces near the back glass, spins and the trajectory makes it ‘stick’

Choices to play this balls

For both of the balls you have three choices that you can make:

  • Take the ball as an overhead
  • Move back and play a lob
  • Use your own back glass


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