Left Side Player

How to be a left side player?

When you are choosing the side you want to play, you need to understand what you have to do as a right or left side player. In this video Sandy discusses the left side player. He will discuss some areas that separate the right from the left side. We are mainly focusing around the front court shots and tactics!

Back of the court

The main difference between the right side is that the ball down the middle would be on your forehand and your return from the side glass will be with a backhand. The other difference is that left side players are often the ones that defend the opponent’s attacking smashes.


Lobs will most of the time come from the center of the court or cross-court and that means it will come to your open side. This allows you to be more aggressive with your overheads. For example, you can play a vibora, topspin smash or bandeja with elbow extension.You will use the gancho less, but only when it’s a ball down the line and it’s over your left shoulder

Tactical and physical

The left court player needs to be a little bit faster and physically fitter in order to cover more of the court. You are the one that wants to be more aggressive from your side. You are trying to finish the ball that the right hand side player has set up. Good left side players are Galan and Stupia, so analyze their game if you want to grow as a left side player.


It is good to choose a side to play, but you need to adapt to each sides different tactics and objectives. This is necessary to work as a team.


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