Move Back with Good Positioning

How to move back and play the ball that goes passed to you?

Moving back and playing the ball that goes passed to you is a big element of the game that people do not often talk about. Many players are new to padel and forget they have got the walls, but they can be a major help for getting to balls you would normally not be able to reach. The most important thing now is to understand how you have to move back. Sandy will explain this in the video!


Common Situations

Sandy starts to talk about the two most common times that you get a wrong position error. At the net you have balls that occur that most of the players get into the wrong position. The first one is a fast passing shot that rebounds and you are running back to hit it. The second situation is when you are getting lobbed and running back to hit an aggressive bajada. Anticipating those shots is the key to getting in the right position!

Trajectory and space

The biggest mistake that players make is running in the line of the ball. The players are running directly at where the ball is contacting the glass. The rebound of the ball will get into the body. You have to anticipate where the ball is going to finish and not where it is going to hit the glass. One thing that is also super important is that you need to give yourself enough space. Better off that you give yourself too much space than too little.

Timing and preparation

You need to time the ball so your contact with the ball is in front of you. Also make an early preparation with your racket back. This will help to get into a good position.


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