Net Position to Win Points

The right net position to win points!

So many players make these obvious mistakes when it comes to positioning at the net! The better your net game is, the more matches you will conquer. Most points are won at net, so keeping the net position and maximise your net game is one of the most important elements of padel.

Where to start

The original position is at the second post or one small step in front. From here you can move around on your side of the court to play in those net positions.

Home base

You will start in the home base position. The home base position is in line with the glass separation of the two back end panels. Then you need to move in and out in a star-like position. You need to keep in mind that you always come back to the middle of your star.

Second home base

From the home base position you will play the balls straight. Now there is a second home base. The center point of your star changes when you are hitting cross court. Your star will move more central in the court, because if the ball is in the diagonal corner it is your responsibility to cover the center of the court.

Also at the second home base you need to come back to the center of your star after each ball you play. It is possible to change between the home base and second home base, but take your star position with you!

Forward and backward

Two tips for coming forward or moving backward in a padel game:

  • If the opponent is off balance or it is an easy ball, step forward and attack
  • If the opponent is about to lob, move backwards and start to prepare


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