Padel Objectives During a Point

What to do during a padel point?

When people take up padel they discover that the game is relatively easy to play and often can play points within the first couple of sessions. Many players have friendly games, enter sociable tournaments and can play for quite a long time before they sit down and consider what exactly they should be trying to do during the point.

This is a list of objectives during the point in order of importance:

WIN the Point

This is the overall objective of every point if possible (in every sport). The objective of padel video shows the most effective way to win the point!

Do not LOSE the point

This might sound obvious after 1. But consistency and patience is such a big part of padel, that this is the second consideration. So you should not be taking big risks by trying to finish the point too early.

Take the net position

Despite consistency being important, when it does come time to finish the point this is much easier to achieve from the net position. You are closer to the opponents court, have a shorter swing path on your shots and most of the time can hit down on the ball. You also give your opponents less court to aim at.

Keep the net position

Once you have successfully got the net position, you have to try to hold onto it. This means if you are lobbed, wherever possible you want to hit the bandeja and get back into net. Your opponents’ strategy is to take the net themselves and it is difficult to do that while you are there, so the longer you can keep that position the better!

Defend like a cat

A difficult part of the game is defending effectively so that it is not easy for your opponents to continue their attack and whenever possible lob them and steal the net position. But this might mean defending a few shots before you have a good chance to lob. In this part of the court, make your opponents play as many balls as possible.

When we talk about the right net position, the location is important! Check this video!


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