Padel tactics for outside!

Outside tactics – Padel

The switch from playing indoors to outdoor can be quite difficult. The sun, the wind, the temperature and the speed of the game are aspects you have to keep in mind all of a sudden. In this article, we will talk about the considerations you have to make when you’re coming to an outdoor court and how you can take advantage of that in your game.

Setting of the court

When playing outside there can be many distractions. Sometimes there’s a car park behind the court and the reflection of the cars can be distracting. Another thing that can be distracting is the people walking behind the court. The shadows of these people can be very annoying. In order to get yourself in a good position to actually play on the court, it’s important to play at least 5 to 10 minutes so you’re getting used to the court. If the court is booked before you and you don’t have time to play these 5 to 10 minutes, concentrate in the warming up and try to zone out everything going on behind the court.

Weather conditions

These conditions you should keep in mind when playing outdoor:

  • Position of the sun
  • Direction of the wind
  • Court/glass wetness
  • General temperature

All these conditions can affect the bounce of the ball.

Taking advantage of the conditions

When the sun is shining brightly and your opponents keep looking into the sun, use the lob frequently so they have to play an easy ball back.

If there is much wind on the court, adjust your lob to the wind. If the wind is in your back, try to play it with less power and if you’re facing the wind, hit the ball harder.

If the glass is wet, you have to be prepared for the ball to slide down the glass. Make sure you’re behind the ball and that you can come under the ball. If the ground is wet, the balls will get heavy which means it will bounce less high and the gameplay will get slower.

The temperature has a big impact on the game as well. If it’s cold outside the ball will bounce less and if it’s hot outside the ball will bounce more.

Changes in your game

When switching from indoor to outdoor you have to make a few changes. You have to do some extra footwork around the ball because even the slightest wind can change the direction of the ball. You should also have a little more patience because of the distractions around the court. It’s more difficult to hit that winning Vibora for example, so try to play a few easy balls first before finishing the shot.


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