Patience in Padel

How do you be patience in your padel game?

Everyone knows you should be patient in your padel game, but it is not so easy doing that. In this video Sandy will give you three tips on how you can get some good patience into your padel game.

Back of the court

Three things to know when you are at the back of the court:

  • Stay behind the service line
  • Come forward on a lob
  • Move all the way up to the net

Front of the court

When you are at the front of the court, keep in mind you do not attack too early. The real tip is to play an extra ball at the point that you feel like you could finish the point. Play a setup ball and then finish the point.


The third tip is mental patience. Sometimes you will play a lot of good points, sometimes a lot of bad ones. Try and reset every time you change ends to have a drink of water. Calm down and reset whenever you can. Sometimes talking with your partner can also help to get calm and reset yourself (or your partner).

A look at the pros

The pros plays a lot of bandejas and lobs. They do not smash often. They choose the right ball to finish the point and take their time.


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