Playing With Lower Level Players

Things to practice when playing with lower level players

It is inevitable that while you are learning the sport and playing social games at the club that you will be matched with players below your level. Or if you decide to introduce some friends to the game, it is more than likely they will play at a beginner level. While you can still have great fun, there are also elements of your game you can work on.

Players feel the game is a waste if they are not playing with equal or better players, but here are 3 things you can work on:

The Lob

A key part of the game and should be practiced at every opportunity. You can give yourself additional rules, for example you can only lob after the glass. Hitting a good lob does not ruin the point for lower level players, it just means they would need to carry the point on from the back.

Down to feet (Chiquita)

This shot is about controlling the rhythm of the point, like the lob, so is a great shot to practice without ruining the game for lower level players. You can practice playing to the feet down the line and crosscourt angle, as both shots are useful for matchplay.

The Bandeja

This is good to practice on any lob. If you opponents hit a shorter lob, in a competition you might play an aggressive vibora or smash, but while you are playing with newer players it is an opportunity to play your slow paced defensive smash. The accuracy into the corner or down the centre are good targets to aim for. It can be as effective as a good vibora, but the slower pace allows your opponents more chance to play it.


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