Right Side Player

How to play as a right side player?

When you are choosing the side you want to play, you need to understand what you have to do as a right or left side player. In this video Sandy discusses the right side player. The game is fairly similar from the back, with the slightly exception of the way to take the bajada, but the big changes occur at the net with the overheads. There are different tactics generally for each side, but this is dependent on the partnership. So the tips in this video are not written in stone!

Back of the court

As already said, from the back of the court there are not a lot of differences between a right or left side player. Probably the best to mention, is that left handers should play on the right side and vice versa. Left-handers get their bandejas and smashes down the center of the court and that are the shots to make points. The backhand is the shot you have to practise, because you can get some trouble near the glass.

At net position

At the net you will have a different selection of shots, particularly with the overheads. The majority of the lobs are going to come over your left shoulder and you are hitting to the closed side of the court. You have to use the gancho and bandeja more, because you are going to play close across your body into the opposite diagonal right hand side of the court. Also use less the vibora, because the vibora is more difficult to hit on the right side of the court.


Probably the biggest difference from players on the right hand side to the left-hand side is the tactical element and the objective in the game. If you are a left-handed player from the right side you have (the same as a right-handed player on the left side) all your attacking smashes down the middle. Therefore your game will change, but for right-handed players on the right side, you want to be more sensible, more consistent. You are the strategist of your pair.


It is good to choose a side to play, but you need to adapt to each sides different tactics and objectives. This is necessary to work as a team.


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