Training Corners and Bajadas

Training with Tom to train corners and bajadas

Sandy and his brother Tom are going to focus on defending the corner and attacking after the back glass (or bajada). Tom is an extremely good tennis player and shows perfectly that tennis players can struggle with the double glass shots. It can be frustrating working on the double glass, so we cheered him up with some attacking shots off the glass in the same lesson!

Defending the corner

Tom is going to defend the corner. First of all he needs to look for a chiquita. A lob is also an option to defend the corner. Tip from Sandy: anticipate where the ball is going to finish, not where it is going to hit the glass. There are some points to focus on, like:

  • Racket to the side
  • Drop the rackethead a little bit
  • Firm on contact
  • Give yourself space

After the back glass – bajada

The bajada is the attacking shot after the ball hits the back glass. For the bajada you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • Choose a position like a little bit further back from the volley position
  • Move back and get behind the ball
  • Play it aggressive down the middle


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