Whose Shot Is It?

How to know who takes the shot?

Probably the most asked question when it comes to matches by both players at the same time: “Is that mine or his/hers?”

As a coach we explain that it really depends on the situation, but that it is about working together as a team. Most players ask to know for next time, but there are some that want to allocate the blame.

This video is all about awareness. – Being aware of where your partner is – if they have just played a ball close to the side glass they will find it difficult to cover the middle. – Being aware of how the ball will rebound. Whether it is at the back and the rebound takes it to the other side. Or if defending a hard smash that hits side glass first that the rebound will bring the ball to the middle of the court. – Being aware of your opponents options.

Hitting to one side of the court opens up angles and you (as a pair) should know where to move to cut them off.


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