Bandeja - different on right vs left?

08 december 2021

Bandeja - Padel

The Bandeja played from the left side is different to the Bandeja played from the right side.

First of all, it is important to understand the role of responsibility from the right compared to the left. If you’re on the right side, your job is to be solid, set up the point and be tactically smart so that the person on the left can be more aggressive.

Another thing is that most of the time the lob comes over your left shoulder. So if you are on the left side, the ball will come in your open side and you will have the time to move away for a good Bandeja. If you are on the right side, it is coming over your left side and therefore it will be difficult to move away and make time for a good Bandeja. From the right side your contact point should be a little higher because if you make time to hit it a bit lower, you’ll probably leave a huge gap on the right side.

So, it is important to know the differences between the Bandeja on the left side compared to the Bandeja on the right side. If you know the differences and know your role on the court, you know where and when to hit the right Bandeja!

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