How To Fix Your Padel Bandeja?

Tips and tricks to hit a better padel bandeja

The shot that the players struggle the most is the bandeja. When you train the bandeja a lot you will see that it is easier than you thought. Sandy will give you some tips and tricks to hit a better bandeja.

Technique of the bandeja

  • Start with your racket high.
  • Open racket face.
  • Start the swing from above the contact of the ball.
  • Come down on the ball, contacting forehead/eye level.
  • Go through the ball with slightly open racketface and create a little bit of slice.

Movement to the ball

You need to have the right position on the court to hit a good bandeja. When you see the opponent play a high ball you immediately start turning your body and prepare for a smash. You need a fast backstep in order to get behind the ball. Move back with big steps and not a lot of little steps.

Common errors

If you want to improve your bandeja you need to record yourself. People do not really often do this, but it helps you to analyse your bandeja. You can see on video for example if you are getting back fast or making contact with the ball before your head.

Common errors on the bandeja are:

  • Contacting behind and not getting forward momentum.
  • Do not ball watch, but move back quicker


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