How to hit a bandeja without any risk?

08 september 2021

The "Bela bandeja"

"Bandeja" literally means a “tray” like how waiters used to hold their trays. Now the technique of hitting the ball has changed so the name is kind of stuck. The most effective bandeja from the left side of the court is the “Bela Bandeja”. The Bela bandeja is named after the WPT player Belasteguin.

How does it work

Most of the players on the left hand side hit the Vibora with the movement which belongs to this shot with the elbow extension. The difference with the “Bela bandeja” is that he will hit most of his viboras with a bandeja technique. His arm is a little straighter and he’ll use his chest more as a prime mover as opposed to the elbow extension of the vibora.

How to get in in to your game    

Make sure you keep the action as simple as possible. The shot is like a high forehand volley and looks like a blocking action. The contact should be around the forehead level. The aim of this shot is to hit the big targets on the other side of the court, which are the front panel of the side glass and the back part of the side fence.

Placement of the shot

The speed of the shot should be controlled and with medium speed. When you're aiming for the front panel of the side glass or the back part of the side fence it will force your opponents in to difficult positions. 

Benefits of the shot

With this shot you can either keep control in the rally or increase the speed when your opponents move forward. 


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