Learn the chiquita

How to play an effective chiquita?

So many people do not consider the chiquita as a weapon, but if you use it effectively it can get you the short ball you need in order to take advantage in a point! In this video Sandy is going to teach his player Ahmed to play an effective chiquita.

Speed of the chiquita

You want to play your chiquita soft, so you have the time that you can almost make it to the first post. When you play it soft, you have the time to come closer to the net and be in the attacking net position. If you play your chiquita fast, you do not have the time to come close to the net and you will be defending from the back of the court.

Cross court chiquita

If you want to play your chiquita cross court, this also needs to be with a soft speed. When you play it cross court, try to play your attacking volley to the body of your opponent. Only do this when you are in a good position. When you are not in a good position, your opponent will play back to your body and most of the time you will lose the point.


The chiquita (and also lob) can be a weapon to attack the point. It also is a way to get forward and then finish off the point. Do not forget to put what you have learned into practice in your games.


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