The Padel Backhand

How to hit a good padel backhand?

Just like the forehand, the backhand is also one of the most important elements of the game. The backhand is also broken down into three steps. The first step is to take the racket back and keep your right hand on the grip and your left hand on the throat of the racket. This is to guide the racket back. Then, the second step is to move your feet in such a way that your hips and shoulders are all facing sideways, and you’re in a stable position. After this, you swing through in a nice horizontal swing, and the left-hand doesn’t touch the racket anymore. In this way, you finish in an open position.

One of the most common errors people make is that they are chopping down the ball with a backhand slice, they forget about the forward movement because they keep their rackets really high. This move only gives spin but doesn’t give any power to the ball. In order to keep your racket low, try and look at the end of the racket when looking at the ball as well, in this way your racket will be as low as the ball is.


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