You Must Learn the Flat Backhand

Flat Backhand Padel

The single handed flat backhand is a difficult shot for most of the Padel players with a tennis background. They were either used to play a double-handed backhand or used to do a slice backhand.

Why and when to hit a flat backhand

You can play a flat backhand on low balls of your opponent. You can place the shot at the feet, on the opponent’s body or into open spaces of the court.


Start in the ready position with your racket pointing down. As the ball approaches you, take your racket back and turn your shoulders. The earlier you get in this position the more time you have on this shot. Now move your feet in position and start with your racket in a low position. Bend your knees and bend your elbow slightly. The bend in your elbow is important because it gives you the flexibility to turn your wrist. This shot comes from the elbow and not from the wrist so lead with your elbow. Now hit through the ball and keep your body low on impact.

Common errors

The contact position is a crucial thing in the flat backhand. It often happens that the contact point is too far in front or behind the body. Reason for this is the wrong footwork of the player that’ll perform the backhand. So when performing this shot, make your feets move up and down the court and keep a good positioning stance to prevent these errors in your game.

Bonus tips

It is a difficult shot to perform but keep it simple. Bring your racket back and make a block action in front of you. Keep trying the shot! It might go wrong a few times but eventually it will bring more variation to your game, and will surprise your opponents.


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