The Padel Forehand Biggest Mistakes


The forehand is one of the most basic shots in padel but throughout all the levels we see a lot of people making the same or similar mistakes. This article will cover these for you.

Trying to hit too much spin on the ball is one of the basic mistakes we see often. A good low slice ball will stay low if it touches the glass wall, but a lot of people are chopping down the ball when slicing, and therefore people make mistakes more often than they should. If you hit through the ball you can hit the ball with slice as well. By chopping down on the ball, the point of contact is very difficult compared to a regular slice shot. If the ball is above your chest, we advice to hit the ball with a little bit more slice than usual, because of the benefit you have with a high ball, but you should not overwhelm your opponent with spin. The different types of ball (high, mid, low) are explained in this article.

An incorrect distance from the ball is another mistake we see a lot. Players misjudge the ball and therefore their bodies are too close or to far from the ball, this results in a less controlled swing. You can easily achieve a better judgement by hitting more balls and experience. The second part of this is that they are not turning their bodies. When you’re learning the game and especially in the back of the field, you always want to move with the ball. Particularly when the ball is coming off the back glass, but also before the back glass. The majority of the time you want to turn your shoulders, get into a good position and hit the ball on the side of your body.

The third most common error has to do with the power of the shot. The forehand is the most comfortable shot and therefore players want to hit the ball harder than is necessary. The forehand is a great opportunity to change the speed of the ball, if you have a good forehand, your opponents should not be able to read which type of forehand you’re going to play (lob, slice etc). Always aim to keep your technique simple but with a lot of variation in your shots.


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