The Padel Forehand

How to hit the padel forehand?

The forehand is one of the most important elements of padel. The padel forehand is broken down into three main parts. The first part is the preparation, you do this by directly taking your racket back.

The second step is to get your feet into a nice position sideways so that you can transfer your body weight from back to front.

The last step is to make a nice horizontal swing from back to front and you want to hit the ball on the same level as your hip. You always want to move with the ball in order to step into the ball when you hit it. In this way you’ll have more control, and this makes it easier to play the ball over the net, because of the room you’ve given yourself with stepping back.

One of the most common errors we see is a late preparation. If you don’t pull your racket back on time, you’ll have to finish your swing in a hurry. This is never a good thing to do of course. Make sure you prepare on time, by taking your racket back way before you play your shot.

Another mistake we often see is that people want to hit the ball in an open position. They just want to hit the ball with the arm instead of using their whole bodies. You should always try to stand sideways in order to use your whole body when hitting the ball.


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