Tips for a Better Forehand

The forehand

The forehand is the shot players spend the least time learning, but they use the forehand the most. Because of that, people are always struggling in their game with the forehand. Sandy gives you three tips for a better forehand.


Keep in mind that the following techniques can be used on shots before and after the glass. The technique is:

  • Prepare early. So when you see the ball is going to your forehand, turn your shoulders down immediately.
  • For the return with your forehand, you have an early, short and compact take back.
  • Get your feet into position, swing through and hit with a flat contact.

Type of base

There are two kind of stances for a forehand:

  • Neutral stance – gives you more balance
  • Open stance – used when you are short of time
  • Watch out! Do not choose the easiest stance because of laziness

Common errors

Common errors on the forehand are:

  • Late preparation: people do not use a split step and are ball watching where the ball goes to, instead of preparing for the ball.
  • Shot selection: you need to choose a shot that is in your capability. Do not use a difficult ball if your padel level is not very high. Choose a shot that is easy for you.


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