Padel Tactics Against Lobbers

Padel Lob

Some players find it difficult to play against the ‘lobbing’ tactic. We will discuss what you should and shouldn’t do if your opponent uses this tactic and how to beat ‘lobbers’.

Lob off serve

To avoid being lobbed from your serve, take a bit more time for your service and hit it more accurately. If you give them an easy serve they will have an easy lob. You could also take two steps up and stay here. Analyze your opponents and adjust your position to the shot they are playing.

Lob at net

When you’re getting lobbed at the net you either played an easy shot before or your opponents found out that you dislike the bandeja. Solution for this is to be more aggressive so your opponents can’t lob you that easily anymore.

A “lob off”

Attack the ball with either a Bajada or a flat ball. This will surprise your opponents after the “lob off” you played.

Visual cues at net

Anticipation is key! Keep looking at what your opponents are doing when the ball approaches them. If they’re coming underneath the ball they will likely play a lob, so you know you have to take a few steps back. If you see they are hitting it down, you can prepare for the volley.


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