The Padel Lob

How to play a good lob in padel?

The lob is one of the most important shots in padel. It is used to change up the dynamics of the game, you can push your opponents back which makes you able to get a strong attacking position at the net together with your partner.

For the lob, you prepare like you would do for any other shot. You take your racket back and turning your body slightly. However, the difference with other shots is that you should go lower than usual to hit the ball at the bottom. If you hit the ball at the bottom and finish with your racket high up, the ball will go higher than a normal shot, which results in a nice deep lob.


  • Racket back (usual preparations)
  • Feet in position – bend with the knees as well
  • Nice upward motion coming up through the ball – racket finish high

A problem could be that players play the lob when they’re out of balance (in a defending position for example); therefore, they play a bad lob and they bring themselves even more out of balance. Another mistakes is that people lift their whole body up in order to get the height for a lob, this also results in a unstable position – which you should always try to avoid.

An important factor for the lob is where you will be aiming. The deeper you place it in the field, the harder it will be for the opponents to return the ball. Also, the higher you play the lob, the closer it will stay to the glass, which is harder to return as well.


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