Best Time To Slice At The Back!

Slice return – Padel

Most of the shots in padel are played with slice. When you add slice to the ball, the ball will stay low to the ground which automatically means your opponent has to come under the ball with his racket. However, you shouldn’t add slice to every ball you play. Sometimes a flat ball is more effective. We will discuss when it’s the right time to add slice and when you need to be selective.

The time you could play with slice from the back is when the ball is above chest height because you can hit the ball down with slice. You can also hit it with slice if it’s an easy ball in front of you or when you’re going to play a Bajada. It is easier to hit faster into the spaces to the back glass for example. This means the ball will stay low. You shouldn’t play it with slice if the ball is low to the ground, because the ball will go slower than a flat shot and it is more likely to go up.

If you’re still using slice at every ball at the back, you might want to change this. It’s maybe effective now but when your opponents will be of a higher level, they know how to handle the slice balls. So start practicing the flat balls from the back so that you improve on this later on.


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