The padel return

How to hit a good padel return?

The return is the ball you return after someone has served to you. The starting position for this is 2/3 feet behind the service line and it is important to stand on your toes, like you would do for any other shot.


It is important to understand that the opponents are either trying to serve into the glass or into the T on the field. If the serve is coming towards the glass, you want to choose whether you take it before the ball hits the glass (you step forward!) or after it has hit the glass (you step a bit backwards.


After the ball has left the racket of the person who is serving, you can immediately see if the ball comes to your forehand or backhand. If the ball is coming to your forehand side, you immediately need to prepare. The first thing you should do is taking your racket back because this will save you more time when you eventually want to hit the ball. After you’ve done this, you can choose whether you want to hit the ball before or after it hits the glass.


One common error we see a lot is that people are going towards the glass to hit the ball immediately after it bounces off the glass. If you choose to hit the ball after it bounces off the glass, you should take a step back from the glass to allow it to come to you and then play your shot.



  1. Decide early
  2. Before glass – move diagonally forward
  3. After glass – move straight back

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