The Perfect Padel Return

How to get a perfect padel return?

The return is the start of the point, so do not fall at the first hurdle in the point by making a silly mistake. If you can learn to be really consistent with your returns you stand a much better chance of being able to break your opponent’s serve! In this video, Sandy give you some tips for the perfect return!

The chiquita

The chiquita is one of the balls that the World Padel Tour players often use at their returns. The chiquita is a soft shot down to the feet of your opponents. The type of spin used is less important.

The return

The main objective of the return is to keep you in the point. If you make a mistake in your return, you already lost that point. So the first main objective of your return is to get it in. If you get an easier ball you can be a bit more aggressive. Keep in mind that you have to play within your capabilities and to be consistent!

Where to aim

You want to aim your return down to the feet of the server. They have a bigger gap in front of them than their partner. There are also some players that are going to watch their serve and get stuck in No Man’s Land. The chiquita or another shot soft down the feet is ideal if it is on a ball that you can play. When you find the chiquita difficult to play or the server comes aggressive to the net, you can play a (high) lob.

Common errors

There are also some common errors on the return, like:

  • Going for too much (you may make a mistake and that is a gift for your opponent)
  • To prevent errors, only use the chiquita when it is within your capability, on an easy serve and when the opponents are not close to the net


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