When to use the Lob Return!

Lob return – Padel

The lob is probably the most used return in padel. This shot is meant to take over the net position from your opponents. However, sometimes the lob isn’t the right return to play and you should seek for other options. We will discuss the different types of lobs and the intention of these lobs with you.

Defensive lob

A defensive lob can be played after your opponent serves down the T line. If you play a fast return back to your opponents at net, they can play the ball in the corner of your side because you’re out of position. So when you’re playing a defensive lob, you are actually buying yourself time to get back in the right position. That’s why you should play the lob high.

Attacking lob

The attacking lob is normally played when the ball of your opponent doesn’t hit the side glass or on an easier serve of your opponent. The intention of the attacking lob is to take the net position straight away with your partner.

Intention of the return

It is really important to have your shot intention clear. This means that you know when to play which ball. So keep in mind where you are on the pitch and whether you’re defending or attacking at that moment.


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