Padel Serve Common Mistakes

Technical and tactical mistakes while serving

There could be technical mistakes, but also tactical mistakes for you to keep in mind when playing a game of padel.

#1 common error

By far the most common error that people make, is making the serve way too complicated. This is also mentioned in other videos, but for some reason people try to hit the serve with a huge amount of spin or try to hit a trick-serve to catch my opponent out. But the problem is that you’re more likely to make a mistake on the serve. Also, if your opponents is getting better at returning the serve, they are not going to have a difficult time with a side spinning serve. If you just keep it simple like we explained in the padel service video, you are doing well enough. You should just make sure that the placement of the ball is accurate, this will make it harder for your opponent to hit a great return.

#2 common error

The second most error we see is that people are hitting the ball way to fast. A lot of players believe that their opponents have a harder time when the ball is coming towards them very fast. But the problem is that people are mostly sacrificing their accuracy for their speed. As mentioned above, it is better to hit an accurate serve rather than a fast one.

#3 common error

A lot of people also tend to hesitate at the line a bit too long. They first want to see if their service is going in and where it’s going exactly. But they forget that they should run towards the net in order to get a nice attacking position. If you serve and run after you’ve hit the ball, the worst thing that can happen is that you have to step back to the line if the serve went in the net. This is not as bad as sacrificing a nice attacking opportunity if the ball goes in.

The nicest thing of the serve is that it’s completely in your own time. You can fully control the technique, the swing and everything else. To get consistent and accurate at your service, you should practice a lot. Therefore, the first step is to read these articles.


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