The Backhand Serve

The backhand serve, should you use it?

The backhand serve. Some Professional players use it in their game for variation while other players just prefer the backhand serve.


An advantage of the backhand serve is the rhythm you can change at your opponent. If you’re constantly serving with your forehand, the opponent will get used to your service. By switching between forehand and backhand serve, your opponent might get off guard and make a mistake.

Besides this, it is easier to come underneath with your racket and add more slice to the service. This will keep the ball closer to the glass and gives you the opportunity to move into the right position.


It is difficult to be accurate and consistent with your ball toss. This is because you have your racket over your shoulder and the way you’re facing your opponent. At a backhand service you’re looking over your right shoulder, whereas on the forehand service you have a better vision.

Another disadvantage is that a backhand service is only effective if you have a good slice backhand. A flat
You want to hit the ball as flat as possible, this has three good reasons: Consistency A flat ball is harder for your opponents to hit back. This has everything to do with the fact that the ball comes down on the..
backhand is ineffective at your service


Stand side on to the ball and make sure you get your takeback of the racket all the way to the back to get the full swing. Contact the ball in front of your body to create more power.

Return of the backhand serve

When a backhand service is played, expect the ball to be a bit lower and closer to the glass. So be prepared to take your racket down a bit lower and bend your knees a bit more.


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