The Best Angle for your Padel Serve!

Service – Padel

The service can be used as a point starter or you could use it as a weapon and win your points with it. In this article we will talk about myths when it comes to services and what the right angle is for your service.

Myth 1

Some players think they have a better angle from wider on the court when they try to serve to the glass. This isn’t right because you will leave a bigger space down the middle of the court. Besides the bigger space you leave, the ball will bounce out wider from the glass which will make the return easier.

Myth 2

Some players think that hitting a hard service is necessary in order to be successful. This myth is often combined with myth 1. The harder the service, the greater the rebound away from the glass. This means an easier rebound for your opponents.

It’s important to control the speed of the serve!

Serve angle

The best position is midway from the centre line to the glass. You should hit your service fast enough that your opponents can’t take the ball before the glass but also slow enough so that you can be accurate.

Common problem

A lot of players try to hit a weird spin to their service. Just try to keep it as simple as possible because when you reach a higher level this service isn’t effective anymore


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