The Padel Serve: Weapon or Point-Starter?

What is the best way to serve in padel?

One of the reasons padel is so popular with newer players is the simplicity of the serve, you have to hit the ball underarm (from waist height of below) into the diagonal box and away you go! (Here is a video on the basic technique for the serve)…but when it comes to competition should more focus be placed on a dominant serve?

The serve in padel, like in tennis, is the only shot in the game where the player has complete control over the ball and can dictate speed, spin and direction. The server can choose which shot they want their opponent to play and whether the returner is forced to use the glass or not.

It is also worth noting that if you are serving, it is highly recommended to come directly to the net, therefore your team start in an advantageous position in the point. Forcing your opponents to hit difficult returns, providing you with easier first volleys, can only increase the advantage you have at the start of the point.

As playing level increases, the returners are better able to deal with the serve…right to the professional level where you rarely see any mistakes on the return and players can hit very good returns off the most difficult of serves. But even at the professional level it is a good idea to make the serve as difficult as possible for the returner.

If possible, players should try to hit a consistent first serve, that is fast, has spin and is accurate. So, while it might seem an easy technique, it is worth spending time practicing your serve and give yourselves a better chance of starting the point on the front foot…!

In this video we discuss how to Improve your Serve!

Happy Serving!


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