Wrist Action for Padel Serve

How to get a more effective serve with wrist action?

For many players the serve can win them points and so having an accurate, consistent first serve is really important. The technique for the serve is also really important. Experiment with the amount of speed and spin on your serve so you know what works for you! In this video Sandy will give you some tips to get a more effective serve.

Type of spin

You need to use a little bit of slice and a little bit of side spin on your first and second serve. You do not want to give it a lot of spin, because you also need speed and when you put more slice on it you actually lose speed.

The action

Is your serve already as consistent and accurate as you would like it to be? Then do not make any big technical changes to it. If it is accurate and consistent and it works, you do not necessarily need to change your action.


So if we want to create a little bit of slice or a little bit of side spin, we will get most of our slice from a slightly open racket face. For the slice you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • Start with racket above the height of the contact
  • Slightly open racket face
  • Horizontal swing path
  • Swing through the ball at contact
  • For the sidespin you need a firm grip and a soft wrist.

Common errors

Common errors on the wrist action for the serve are:

  • Using a ‘wristy’ action. This makes your serve inconsistent
  • Players do not start with the correct racket position. When you do not do this, it is hard to get the right spin on your serve.


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