Which Smash Should You Use?

How to choose the right padel smash?

In padel there are some different kinds of smashes. Not everyone knows when they need to use the right smash. In this video Sandy explains you in which situation you need which smash.

Game situation

Before you consider what type of smash you’re gonna hit, you decide what your game situation is. Are you attacking or defending the point? If you are defending, you will try to get your net position back. If you are attacking, you will try to hold the net position and finish the point.

Locations on the court

You need to understand the locations on the court and the possible type of smashes you could hit. The locations are:

  • Right side of the court (green): hit a vibora
  • Back of the court (orange): hit a bandeja
  • The channel down the left hand side (pink): hit a gancho. When you are on the left side you also can choose for a topspin smash
  • The front area of the court (blue): hit a flat or topspin smash


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