Correct Volley Direction

Correct volley direction – Padel

Changing direction is when you are lining up to one corner, but you are volleying into the other corner. In this short video you will learn how to do this correctly.

Common mistakes when you change direction

Changing direction can mislead your opponent, but there are also some moments you should not change direction. First of all, it is forcing you to open gaps on your side of the court. For example, if you change direction and you go from covering the middle on the left side, you now have to move across and cover the line. The second is you often put a player under pressure at the back of the court and when you change the direction you kind of let them out and you let them get back into the game. The third and last situation is that you become unpredictable to your partner. If you move across and your partner does not know what you are doing, you are getting in problems as a couple.

When do I need to change direction?

You need to change direction on easy balls where you can be aggressive. There are some exceptions when you also need to change direction. First of all, when you defend a low angled chiquita. Secondly, you need to change direction in certain situations like high backhand volleys. But most of all you will change direction on a ball that is easy and therefore gives you and your partner time to change. This also can put the other opponent under pressure. At last, you can change direction when you get a ball down the middle. It is easier to hit the ball on your open side into the other corner and therefore you change positions with your partner, because you are already in the correct position and my partner only needs to move across. If I am going back, it means we both need to go back and it will be a difficult shot for me.

How to practice changing direction?

Changing direction can be practiced during the warm up or/and the match. You can do this by saying to your partner ‘okay, we are only gonna hit into one corner and when we change direction, it is to try and finish the point’. Do not forget the most important rule: if you want to change direction, try to change as much as possible on easy balls!


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