How to Win at Net Using the Setup Volley

Setup volley padel

Are you not effective enough with your volleys when standing at net position? It is important to begin with a setup volley and then being aggressive on the slightly easier one.

How to hit the setup volley?

Try to add more slice to your volley. When you hit the volley flat, the ball will come back off the back glass. Try to place it just before or right at the back glass. So if you play your next volley hard and flat, your opponents won’t have enough time to run forward and get the ball. So, for the setup volley it is important to add a bit more slice and play it a bit softer so that if the ball bounces for the second time, it will be low and close to the back glass.

Why should you play the setup volley?

When you use the setup volley, it will force your opponent to the back glass and it will create space for you to attack the next ball. It is key to pick the right ball for playing the setup volley. If it’s not the right ball and your opponent hits a ball low over the net, play two or three more normal volleys. Important is to be patient, pick the right ball and recognise the position of your opponent.


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